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How Virtual Events Work (two easy steps):

  1. All invitees/registrants will be provided with access to watch the documentary film on-demand at their convenience on our UDocs platform prior to the live panel on Zoom.  UDocs will provide the co-organizers/law school with all the details for online marketing of the event, registration link, description of the documentary program, etc. to make it a perfect social marketing tool with the primary goal of achieving "social good and change" in alignment with your university values – e.g., events can be organized for International Women's Day (March 8th), International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust (Jan. 27th), Black History Month (Feb.), Earth Day (April 22nd), World Science Day for Peace and Development (November 10th), International Anti-Corruption Day (Dec. 9th), etc.

  2. Participants are given a window of 1-2 weeks to watch the film along with the date of the Live virtual event for the panel discussion post screening. The UDocs platform is integrated with Zoom to facilitate our live events – this makes it a Turnkey solution and UDocs takes care of everything.

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